Quincy Volunteer Fire Department

The Quincy Volunteer Fire Department was officially established in 1878. The current Fire Chief is Robbie Cassou and he has been Chief since 2007. Chief Cassou has watched the department grow from a small rural fire department running a few dozen calls a year, to a three-station full service department.

The QVFD has 39 volunteer firefighters, who receive an average of 477 emergency calls per year. The 39 volunteers total 2,573 individual responses and 3,850 hours of training per year. These volunteers meet every Tuesday of the month, with Officer's meeting the 1st Tuesday, regular fire training on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, rescue training on the 3rd Tuesday,  when there is a fifth Tuesday, the department  focuses on station and emergency vehicle maintenance. These volunteers also participate in numerous outside training exercises, including: First Aid and CPR training, First Responder courses, some obtain EMT-Basic Certification, some are licensed paramedics and registered nurses. All of these programs require annual continuing education and recertification. In other words; Quincy Firefighters never stop training.  They also never stop giving, you will see them at the Children's Fair, Headstart, conducting tours at our main station, teaching children fire safety and many other community events.